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  • Information about our current account services

    The Financial Conduct Authority requires us to publish the following information about our personal current accounts.

  • Saving up for travel

    Read our tips to help you get your travel plans off the ground

  • SmartBusiness Insights

    See your income, outgoings and performance and compare yourself to similar businesses – all in Online Banking

  • Foreign Currency Account

    Make and receive foreign payments with ease with the Barclays Foreign Currency Account. Available in a wide range of currencies.

  • Euro Account

    If you regularly make or receive euro payments, apply for Barclays Euro current account. Find out more about Euro bank accounts today.

  • Money mindsets

    Money mindsets: which one do you have? Scrimper, saver, spender, splurger – we’ve many different attitudes to money. Learn to turn it to your advantage.

  • Guide to PINsentry

    PINsentry is a more secure way to verify your identity when you log in to Online Banking.

  • Third-party access to bank accounts

    We explain the options for getting help managing your accounts, and what to do if you’ve been appointed to help someone else.

  • Wealth current account

    Find out more about our straightforward current account for day-to-day purchases and payments in the UK and abroad

  • Cybersecurity for business: where to invest

    Cybersecurity for business: where to invest. Understanding where your weaknesses may be, and how to invest effectively to strengthen your defences.

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