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  • Passing on your pension assets

    Pension schemes not only offer a tax-efficient vehicle for saving money but can also be a tax-efficient way of passing wealth on to future generations.

  • Ready-made Investments

    Explore Barclays Ready-made Investments for a simple way to build and maintain a diversified portfolio. Capital at risk.

  • Saving up for travel

    Read our tips to help you get your travel plans off the ground

  • Money mindsets

    Money mindsets: which one do you have? Scrimper, saver, spender, splurger – we’ve many different attitudes to money. Learn to turn it to your advantage.

  • Managing your money

    Learn about how you could improve your finances with our money management tips – from budget planning to alerts.

  • Your banks in one app

    Find out how to see your current accounts from different banks in the Barclays app, and how bank account aggregation works.

  • Ways to borrow with us

    There are many reasons to borrow and many ways to do it. See which one’s right for you.

  • Declined by a lender

    Find out why lenders decline applications for credit cards, loans, mortgages and what to do next. Discover what you need to know about ‘bad credit’ loans.

  • Forward card

    A smart choice if you’re new to credit cards, or want to improve your credit rating. Apply now.

  • Cashflow forecasting

    We discuss how a good cashflow forecast can benefit your business, now and in the long run.

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