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  • Children's Regular Saver

    Set aside money for your child every month for a year with our Children’s Regular Saver – and have access to your savings if you need it.

  • Invoice finance

    Unlock cash tied up in outstanding invoices to improve your cashflow, help you seize new opportunities and run your business more efficiently.

  • Cybersecurity for business: where to invest

    Cybersecurity for business: where to invest. Understanding where your weaknesses may be, and how to invest effectively to strengthen your defences.

  • Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee

    Feel safe when banking online and on your mobile. Find out how our guarantee works to protect you and your money from fraud.

  • Barclays One

    Enjoy secure, online access to everything you have with us, including investment accounts, balances and transactions.

  • Ready-made Investments

    Explore Barclays Ready-made Investments for a simple way to build and maintain a diversified portfolio. Capital at risk.

  • Premier Barclayloan

    Premier Barclayloan – an exclusive personal loan for Barclays Premier customers. See your personal rate without any effect on your credit rating.

  • Managing your money

    Dev was having trouble controlling his finances and was often relying on an overdraft to cover expenses; here’s how banks can help.

  • Information about our current account services

    The Financial Conduct Authority requires us to publish the following information about our personal current accounts.

  • Conquering cashflow

    How managing your cashflow could transform your business.

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