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  • Instant Cash ISA

    Take advantage of tax-free savings and instant access to your money with our Instant Cash ISA. Find out more and apply online today.

  • Telephone Banking

    Find out how you can manage your Barclays account when it suits you with our secure and easy-to-use Telephone Banking service.

  • Credit Manager

    Manage and improve your credit score with Barclays credit manager. Get the support you need to improve your credit score.

  • Investment ISA

    Our Investment ISA (Stocks and Shares ISA) gives you access to funds, shares and other investment opportunities. Discover how to invest for your future.

  • Can I use PINsentry in Online Banking when I'm abroad?

    You can, but it’s your responsibility to know if using Online Banking is an offence in that country.

  • Open Banking

    Barclays Open Banking allows you to share your financial data with registered companies, and to pay in new ways directly from your current account.

  • Welcome to Barclays

    Welcome to Barclays free Wi-Fi. Learn more about being fraud smart, Barclays Blue Rewards, the Barclays app and different ways to bank.

  • Mortgage overpayments and underpayments

    Paying more into your mortgage account than you need to can help you pay less in the long term and could set you up to make underpayments – find out how.

  • Audio Accessible PINsentry Card Reader

    Find out how to use the accessible PINsentry card reader with Barclays Online Banking.

  • Payment methods

    Want to make contactless payments, or pay online or by cheque? With a range of ways to pay, Barclays bank accounts are easy for everyone.

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