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Stay cosy and warm this winter

Get ready for the beautiful British winter by adding seasonal accessories and making sure your home is as warm as can be.

By Ruth Garner, Houzz Contributor
Opinions expressed by Houzz Contributors are their own.
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There's something wonderful about feeling the cold, crisp air, seeing your breath and wrapping up warm in bundles of layers to brave a beautiful winter's day. But when it comes to my home, 'the warmer the better' is my mantra! If you want to keep the chill out this winter, consider these simple tips.

Sweep chimneys

Original image on Houzz : van Ellen + Sheryn Architects

Nothing quite says winter like warming up beside a crackling fire. Not only does it beat the winter chill, it's such a joy to watch flickering flames in their merry dance. If you're lucky enough to have an open fire or wood-burning stove, now's the time to have your chimney swept.

Make your fireside a cosy haven

Draw your armchairs closer to the warmth, and add soft cushions and cosy throws that you and your guests will want to curl up with.

If you can't build a fire, a cluster of chunky candles can create a similarly appealing scene, so make sure you stock up on a good selection.

Original image on Houzz : Robertson Lindsay Interiors

Give your boiler the once-over

Original image on Houzz : Joanna Thornhill Interiors

Boilers have a hard time come winter, when they are in constant use. To cut down on any potential problems, consider booking in a service now. Not only will it mean a winter of guaranteed hot showers and warm rooms, but a boiler that's in good condition will work more efficiently, saving you money.

Embrace texture for style and warmth

Sumptuous and tactile textiles make for a warm and cosy winter. Of course, layering various textures is delightful at any time of year, but, come the colder months, soft and luxurious materials, such as sheepskin, velvet and soft merino knits, really come into their own. Consider incorporating them into your room in the form of rugs, throws and cushions.

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Original image on Houzz : Chris Snook

Add extra layers to your bedroom

Original image on Houzz : Park Grove Design

If you haven't already done so, consider switching your duvet to a thicker alternative that will keep you toasty as you drift off at night. A soft rug or sheepskin underfoot will keep your feet warm as you step out of bed in the morning.

Treat your feet to a stylish and tactile bedroom rug

Create a little heat between the sheets

If a change of duvet isn't enough, this could also be the time to add an electric blanket, or a hot-water bottle that can be left to warm the foot of your bed in the evening.

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Original image on Houzz : TG-Studio

Block any draughts

Cold draughts are not welcome when you're relaxing. Avoid such moments by checking over any draught weak spots, such as windows and doors. Consider applying draught-excluder tape around door frames and a long, draught-excluder cushion at the base of each door.

Use your curtains to stay cosy

Thicker curtains really make a big difference to keeping the warmth inside, rather than letting it escape through your windows – especially if you live in a period property with single glazing. Consider investing in thermal linings to really boost their insulating properties.

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