Don’t get caught out with car hire

A Barclays identity profile can help your holiday go smoothly

Since June 2015, you need a driving licence check code to hire a car. A Barclays identity profile makes it easier to get yours online.

Your code is:

No code – no hire car

Hiring a car this summer, in the UK or abroad? Chances are the hire company will ask for a driving licence check code to check if you have any penalty points or disqualifications. That’s because this information isn’t on your photocard licence – it’s kept online by DVLA. 

Check codes last for 21 days, so you can get one in advance. But if you don’t have a check code, the car hire company may charge you more – or you may be refused car hire.

Using GOV.UK Verify

If you need a code at short notice – or don’t remember you need one until you’re at the airport’s car hire desk – you can sign in to GOV.UK using your smartphone to get one on the spot. The easiest way to do this is with the new GOV.UK Verify service and a Barclays identity profile. 

GOV.UK Verify is a way to prove who you are online when you want to use Government online services. GOV.UK Verify helps protect you against identity theft, and means you only need one username and password to use a wide range of online services – getting a driving licence check code, completing your Self Assessment, checking your State Pension and many more. 

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How Barclays can help

To get started, all you need to do is create a Barclays identity profile – you only have to do it once and it takes around 15 minutes. Then you can use your profile for safe and secure access to GOV.UK services online. 

Barclays is certified to verify your identity for GOV.UK to create identity profiles. We thoroughly check your personal details on the Government’s behalf when you create your profile and then do a quick check every time you use it to access an online service. 

About Barclays identity profiles

Creating a profile

  • You don’t have to bank with us – anyone can create a Barclays profile
  • Use one profile for all GOV.UK Verify services
  • Protects you against fraud and identity theft

We won’t

  • Share your financial information with GOV.UK
  • Use your personal details for anything else
  • Send you junk mail or make marketing calls
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Get your driving licence check code

It only takes around 15 minutes to create your Barclays identity profile for GOV.UK Verify and get your driving licence check code for car hire.