Barclays Student Additions Account Campus Books Voucher Offer 2019: Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion is for Barclays Student Additions Account holders only unless otherwise stipulated by Barclays at their sole discretion.

2. The Campus Books E-Textbooks Voucher (“the Voucher”) will be made available to eligible new and existing Barclays Student Additions account holders who comply with these terms between.

3. This promotion is limited to ten thousand (10,000) vouchers, which will be allocated to the first ten thousand (10,000) eligible customers who request the voucher in accordance with these terms. Barclays may increase the number of vouchers available at its sole discretion at any time.

4.  To be eligible for the Voucher you must

a. Be a student enrolled in higher education at any UK university in the 2019-20 academic year; and

b. Have a Barclays Student Additions Account opened in your name;

c. Be one of the first 10,000 customers who meet the eligibility criteria to request the Voucher.

d. Register your interest in the voucher at www.campussociety.com/barclays-books using the same email address as used on your Barclays Student Additions Account.

5. Each Voucher when successfully redeemed on Campus Books will credit the Campus Society account of the redeemer with three Tokens. Each Token can be used in lieu of card payment for the purchase of one premium e-textbook from the Campus Books catalogue.

6. To be able to redeem your e-book Tokens using your Campus Books voucher, you will need a Campus Society account. You must accept the Campus Society terms and conditions in order to create your account. Tokens, redeemable against e-textbooks on Campus Books will be added to the Campus Books account immediately upon voucher redemption. You will have unlimited and ongoing access to the selected e-textbook(s) as long as Campus Books continues to operate.

7. Vouchers will be made available through the Barclays Mobile Banking App and or via another electronic method.

8. Vouchers are valid for redemption from www.books.campussociety.com. The offer is open to new and existing Barclays Student Additions account holders.

9. The promotion is strictly limited to one voucher per account holder.

10. Vouchers will be valid until 31st December, 2019, inclusive. E-book Tokens redeemed with the vouchers will be valid until 31st January 2020, inclusive.

11. Your e-book voucher can only be redeemed on a Campus Society and Campus Books account and are subject to terms and conditions (currently displayed at the following link: https://www.campussociety.com/pages/terms).

12. Tokens are only valid for the catalogue of e-books made available on Campus Books which may vary from time to time.

13. This offer is not transferable, refundable for cash, or replaceable if lost, damaged or stolen.

14. We may withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

15. In these Offer Terms and Conditions ‘we, us or our’ means Barclays Bank UK PLC.

16. Campus Books is a service provided by Connectt Ltd. Trading under the name ‘Campus Society’.