Contents cover

Contents insurance

Replacing your possessions could be surprisingly expensive. That’s why our contents insurance offers an unlimited amount to cover items for theft and damage while they’re in your home.

  • Unlimited sum insured for your possessions in the home against theft or damage
  • We’ll replace matching items if one of a set is damaged and cover your valuables like jewellery and watches
  • Buy cover enhancements for extra protection if you need it

The finer details

The cost of replacing everything you own could add up to a surprising amount, so make sure your contents are protected against theft or damage.

What’s covered

  • Unlimited sum insured1 for your possessions while they’re in your home or garden
  • Valuable items – up to £20,000 with a further £20,000 available for individual items worth over £2,500 each (only when they're in your home – choose personal items or gadget cover for protection out and about)
  • Matching items – unlimited cover to replace a damaged part of a set, like your beloved sofa or dinner set
  • Adjustable excess to suit you

Available for extra fees

  • Contents accidental damage – over half of claims enquiries relate to accidental damage, three quarters of which are for accidents like spillages, knocking the TV over or dropping your tablet or mobile phone
  • Protected no-claim discount allows 2 claims in 5 years without losing your no-claim discount, and your premium won’t be affected as a direct result of a claim
  • Working from home cover – if you run your business from your home or work from home permanently, this covers things like office equipment, furnishings, stock and samples
  • Student contents extension for items your kids take with them when they go away to study

What’s not covered

  • Accidental damage isn’t standard but you can choose to include it with your contents insurance, or through gadget, bike, personal items and sports equipment cover
  • Your possessions away from home – choose personal items, gadget, bike and sports equipment cover for insurance when you’re out and about
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, or any damage that happens gradually

It’s important you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered by contents insurance. The examples we’ve shown above are only intended as a guide – full details are in the policy document.


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