Terms and conditions – Home Insurance Loyalty Reward

Subject to having an eligible Barclays current account, joining Barclays Blue Rewards and meeting monthly eligibility for Barclays Blue Rewards.

From 4 May 2016, you’ll earn £1 a month when you take out or renew either buildings or contents cover, and £3 a month if you opt for both.

In addition, Barclays Blue Rewards customers can receive up to £84 per annum, giving a total of up to £120 per annum for both Barclays Blue Rewards and Barclays Home Insurance.

To be eligible for Blue Rewards you must do the following things each month:

  • Pay in at least £800 (conditions apply)
  • Pay the £3 monthly fee

You’ll need to nominate an eligible Barclays current account for Barclays Blue Rewards to get the benefits. Your account can be a joint account, but only one of you will be able to join Barclays Blue Rewards from that account. If you have a Barclays Basic Current Account, a Young Person’s account, BarclaysPlus, a foreign currency account, or a Barclays Wealth or Barclays Business account, we’re sorry, these are not eligible current accounts for Barclays Blue Rewards.

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply.


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The promoter of this offer is Barclays Bank UK PLC.

Offer expires 31 December 2018.