Student contents insurance

Student contents insurance

Cover while you’re studying

Design your own cover to protect stuff against loss, theft or damage in your student home – add the cover you need for the items you have, like bikes, gadgets and more.

  • Choose the level of cover you need, from £2,000 to £15,000
  • Add other cover such as gadget, bike and sports equipment
  • You’re covered while you’re moving your possessions to and from your student home

Why get student insurance?

If the things you take to uni aren’t covered by your parents’ insurance, they could be costly to replace if they’re lost, stolen or damaged. Our student insurance lets you enjoy uni life with the comfort of knowing your possessions are protected in your term-time home.

  • What’s covered

  • What’s not covered

Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance

Our gadget cover goes where you go

Wherever in the world you take your gadgets, make sure they’re insured.

  • Protect your smartphone, laptop, tablet and digital camera from loss, theft and damage
  • You’re covered whether you’re at home or anywhere else in the world
  • Available if you’re insuring your contents with us (including starter contents cover and student contents cover)
Personal items insurance

Personal items insurance

Protect your possessions, wherever you are

Get cover for your personal items wherever you are, including your jewellery, guitar or designer clothes. 

Bike cover

Cover at home, on the road, around the world

Get cover for your bike wherever you are, including your families as well.

  • Insure your bicycle and any others in your home will be covered up to the same value, wherever you take them
  • If you can’t use one due to loss or damage, we’ll cover the costs of hiring a replacement

Sports equipment cover

Protect your sports equipment at home and away

You’re covered at home or anywhere else in the world for your sporting activities equipment.

  • Protect your sports equipment and specialised clothing against loss, theft or damage
  • Choose your level of cover from £250 to £5,000

Looking for a bank account?

Student Additions Account

A practical bank account with contactless payments, mobile banking and cashback opportunities through cashback.

What you’ll need to get a quote

  • Details about the type of property you’re living in.
  • Your claims history on home insurance for the last 5 years.

Manage your policy online

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