The Plan & Invest portfolio I was matched with was a perfect fit

22 October 2021

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Find out why Noboru Toyama chose Plan & Invest after building up surplus savings during 2020.

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The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek professional independent advice.

During 2020 Premier Banking customer Noboru Toyama built up a surplus of cash in his current account. With lockdowns resulting in less opportunity to spend he accumulated a pot of savings. This was the trigger that started his investment journey with Barclays Plan & Invest. Read about Noboru’s journey:

Last year it became apparent that I had some options to consider for investing the savings I built up during a time when everything was shut and my outgoings dropped like a stone.

At that point I hadn’t been investing – over and above my company pension scheme – but it felt like the right time to start.

However, with a very busy job and a young family – my sons are aged eight and one – there has been little time to sort out our finances.

My Barclays Premier Relationship Manager Adrian and I discussed my long-term investment options during one of our regular calls.

We spent a very valuable half an hour during which he guided me through the options for how I might invest my savings with Barclays.

I decided that Plan & Invest was the right option given that I’m short on time and also because I wanted a professional to do the investment selection on my behalf.

I was pleasantly surprised that setting up my account was a very straightforward process. I had to answer a number of questions to help determine my attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

I felt that the portfolio I was matched with was a perfect fit. I was very happy to go ahead and am pleased I have experts at Barclays looking after my money.

Even though I don’t need to be involved in the running of the investments, I do keep on top of what’s going on using the Barclays app. It’s very easy to use and it tells me what I need to know about my portfolio. I can view a valuation to give me an indication of how my investments are doing, and I like to look at the ten-year projections – though I realise they’re not guaranteed. I can also use the app to view my current account and mortgage account, both held with Barclays.

I have really appreciated having Adrian on board to offer support on my options. I don’t have many relatives in the UK as most live in Japan, so I appreciate the fact I have someone who I can trust to guide me. Trust is crucial when it comes to managing finances.

Next on the list is to get some investments in place for the children so I will be asking Adrian to signpost the options available. It’s very clear from my dealings with him over the years that he has our best interests at heart.

Adrian D’souza, Barclays Premier Relationship Manager, says: “It’s all too common to let life get in the way of addressing long-term financial planning needs. Many people have been fortunate enough to find themselves with extra money to invest after a long stint of not spending during the pandemic. It’s important to get that money working hard.

“I was very happy to assist Noboru by talking him through the options available at Barclays.”

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The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change and their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

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