Barclays Voice security

Access your accounts - with your voice

Voice biometric technology lets us record your unique voice print and use it to confirm your identity whenever you call telephone Banking.

  • Quick access to your accounts via Telephone banking
  • No need to remember passwords every time you call 
  • Safe because your voice print can't be imitated


You can use Barclays Voice Security if you have a Personal or Premier account with us. You'll be able to use it once we've succesfully recorded a voice print for you.

How to register

We’ll start to build your voice print during the normal conversations you have with us via Telephone Banking.
After your voice print has been recorded we’ll ask if you want to register for Barclays Voice Security. Once you’re registered, you’ll only need to tell us your account or membership number and have a short conversation to confirm your identity and access your accounts.
If you don’t want to register or you don’t want to use Barclays Voice Security anymore then let us know when you call and we’ll remove your voice print. We won’t create a new voice print for you unless you tell us you want to register in the future.

Easy ways to bank

There are lots of convenient ways for you to bank - at home, on the go and in branch.