Start your money workout

Save throughout the year so when January comes, you’ll be more chilled out than frozen in fear.

Choose something to cut down on now and be better prepared for the seasonal slump.

Januworry card

How to work out

Step 1

Look at your spending habits and see what you could reduce, like cinema tickets, and commit to saving that amount of money instead.

Step 2

Transfer the money to a safe place every time you resist temptation. Keep the card where you can see it, like on the fridge, as a daily reminder.

Step 3

Every time you save money, scratch away a frown on your card to reveal a smile. When you’re ready, try another workout that suits your circumstances.

Workout kit

You can use these tools to help complete your goal.

Calendar icon with a pound sign and green tick

Manage your money

Find out how to set up regular payments from the comfort of your sofa, so you can put money away each month.

A man and woman are budgeting with a laptop and calculator

Your budgeting guide

We’ve got seven money-management tips to help you set and stick to a budget.

A green car is driving along the coastline

Savings goals

Set, save and track

Set up a savings goal in the Barclays app and track your progress.