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Switch to a new rate online

No legal or valuation fees, and no credit or affordability checks  – switching your rate online is easy, as long as you

  • Don’t want mortgage advice to help you to choose your new rate
  • Aren’t making any other changes to your mortgage
  • Are eligible to switch online – we explain what this means below 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

How it works

Why switch?

You may find there are better mortgage rates available now than when you first took out your mortgage. And if your current rate is due to increase, that’s even more reason to consider switching to a new rate.

The benefits of staying with us

  • Competitive mortgage rates
  • No legal fees
  • No property valuation fees
  • No income or affordability assessments
  • Easy online application1


How to switch to a new rate

If you don't need any help from our mortgage advisers, you can switch online now. You’ll find the personalised mortgage rates that are available to you in the table below. If your current rate is variable, or it’s coming to an end soon, you can see how a change in rates will affect your monthly payments by using our interest rate calculator.

Need advice?

If you want to make other changes to your mortgage – such as changing your mortgage term or borrowing more – or you’d simply prefer to get mortgage advice before choosing a new rate, make an appointment with a mortgage adviser. Call us2 on 0333 202 7578. 


Interested in an offset mortgage?

The offset mortgages you can apply for are shown here. If you'd like to use your savings to offset your mortgage, please call us2 on 0333 202 7578. We'll set up an appointment with one of our mortgage advisers so we can ensure this option is right for your needs.

Your new mortgage rates

Below you’ll find our latest mortgage rates that you’re eligible to switch to. Enter your current mortgage balance and term to accurately calculate the monthly payments for each mortgage. You can find this information in your annual mortgage statement or by logging in to Online Banking.

These mortgage rates may change or be withdrawn at any time, so we can’t guarantee the rate displayed until we receive all the necessary documentation from you. You can view our full mortgage range, save a copy of our tariff of mortgage charges and read our important legal information.

The estimated monthly payments shown below are for interest-only mortgages. If any part of the mortgage you're switching is on a repayment basis, please call us on 0333 202 75782

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