What to do when someone dies

Our bereavement guide

We’re here to provide help with the things you need to do when someone close to you dies – follow our guide to understand the next steps.

  • 1. Register the death

    You must register the death within certain timeframes:

    England – within 5 days
    Wales – within 5 days
    Scotland – within 8 days

    You can do this at the registry office closest to where the person passed away or at your local registry office.

    The registry office will issue you with a death certificate – this is required by most organisations prior to settling any affairs.

    The government's Tell Us Once service allows you to arrange the deceased's governmental affairs and covers a wide range of topics such as pensions and passports.

  • 2. Notify us

  • 3. What happens next

  • 4. Obtain the will

  • 5. Contact other relevant parties

  • 6. Deal with the estate

  • 7. Obtain probate

  • 8. More information