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Both products could meet your needs, so here’s some more information on each one to help you decide which is right for you.1

How do they compare in price?

90% of customers who got a quote for both products received an annual premium quote of between*: 

Barclays Home Insurance 

£146 – £793

Average £364

Barclays Premium Home Insurance 

£284 – £1429

Average £657

*Based on 368 customers who got a quote for both products between July 2017 and April 2018.

Compare key features

Where any figure is provided, this is the maximum amount of cover available, inner limits may apply. ‘Optional’ means the cover is available for an extra fee. 

Barclays Home Insurance

Barclays Premium Home Insurance, provided by Hiscox

Buildings and contents sum insured



Contents single items*



Contents away from home




£20k unspecified

Specified single items up to £20k***

Specify amount – no upper limit, worldwide

Accidental damage



Accidental loss

As part of independent covers


Starter contents

Available as a separate policy


Art, antiques, collections


At home, optional worldwide

Specify amount – no upper limit, worldwide

Alternative accommodation

£100k if buildings claim

£10k if contents claim

£150k or 3 years

Renovations and Extensions

Not Included


£75k with option to increase††

Gadget, bikes, sports equipment away from home

Worldwide cover – optional


*Contents single items – items valued below the policy’s specified limit are covered as standard; items above will need specifying on the policy.

**Valuables are defined as jewellery, watches, gemstones, krugerrand, gold bullion or precious metals held as commodities that belong to you or for which you’re legally responsible. ‘Valuables’ doesn’t mean items such as televisions, laptops or furniture – these will be covered by your contents insurance.

***Barclays Home Insurance valuables - up to £20k of cover for valuables. Items with a value of less than £2,500 don’t need to be individually specified or listed on your policy. Items worth more than this will need to be specified to be included in your cover. The maximum value of specified items that can be covered is £20k.

†Accidental loss – cover if you lose your laptop, jewellery or other personal possessions in and away from the home worldwide, for up to 60 days at a time.

††Cover for existing building, contents, building works and materials while a renovation or extension project is taking place on your home.

†††Worldwide gadget, bikes, sports equipment - bikes stored in the home are covered as part of unlimited home insurance. When they’re away from home, the cover for individual bikes is up to £3,500.

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Barclays Home Insurance

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