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Don’t be fooled, be fraud smart

Don’t be fooled, be fraud smart

Check out our tips to help protect yourself against fraud.

Our promise to you

Our online and mobile banking guarantee offers you protection if you’re an innocent victim of fraud when using one of these services. We’ll reimburse any money that’s taken from you, so long as you’ve been using the services correctly.

Please remember

We’ll never call you and ask for your passcode, password, PIN or PINsentry code.

Keep yourself safe

Avoiding tricks and scams

Learn about common tricks and scams that fraudsters use – and how to avoid falling for them.


Our guarantee

Protecting you online

Read our Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee, and find out how we protect you when you’re using these services.


Protect yourself

Card fraud

Find out what card fraud is, and what you can do to shield yourself from it.


Get in touch

We're here if you need us

If you should fall victim to a fraudster, we’re here for you. Find out how to get in touch with us if you need to.


More advice on staying safe from fraud and scams

Find out how financial scams work, and how you can avoid them. You can discover more about protecting yourself, your family and your money by visting Get Safe Online .

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