Premier Openplan Savings

This account is no longer available to new customers.

Current interest rates

Rates effective from:


Gross per year %


1 December 2016 - present




Previous interest rates

Rates effective


Gross rate per year %


1 August 2016 – 30 November 2016




Further information

Mortgage offset:

Yes. Remember, if you offset your savings account against your mortgage, you won't earn any interest on your account.

Interest rate:

Rates are variable. Interest is calculated daily using your statement balance and is paid quarterly on the first working day of January, April, July and October.


The rate of interest payable without tax taken off.


Interest is paid gross. If you’re a UK taxpayer, you may have to pay tax on interest earned in excess of your Personal Savings Allowance.

For information and guidance please refer to the HMRC website

Please note, it’s your responsibility to ensure that any tax due on interest payments received is paid to the appropriate tax authority.


Annual Equivalent Rate. This illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

You can download these terms and conditions, which relate to the Premier Openplan Savings account. These are in addition to the general conditions of your Customer Agreement with us.

Read important information about our interest rates, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and your cancellation rights.