Help to Buy: ISA

Help with saving towards your first home

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Take advantage of tax-free1 savings and, when you buy your first home, you'll get a 25% government bonus on amounts saved between £1,600 and £12,000.

  • Earn 2.58% AER / 2.55% tax-free per year variable2
  • Save up to £1,200 in the first calendar month, then up to £200 per calendar month afterwards
  • Instant access to your money
  • Open with £1 (£0 for transfers-in)
  • Bank with us? You could open an ISA online in minutes

In support of the government's Help to Buy: ISA Scheme for first-time buyers, we’re offering our own Help to Buy: ISA1.

Read our guide for more information on how the scheme could help you. The government bonus is payable subject to meeting the Help to Buy: ISA scheme rules.

Summary box

Account name
Help to Buy: ISA.

What is the interest rate?
Interest rates for balances of £1+, effective from 3rd September 2018.


Tax-free pa %





Interest is calculated daily using your statement balance and is paid on the first working day of each month.

Can Barclays change the interest rate?

Yes, rates are variable. We can increase or decrease the interest rates for the reasons set out in our ‘Barclays and you’ booklet, which is available in branch, or you can read our Terms and conditions for Personal customers. Both also explain when we may change the interest rates, and the notice we’ll give you.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months, based on a £200 deposit a month?

Deposit amount

Estimated value after a year

£200 per month


The estimated value is based on no change to the interest rate during 12 months and no withdrawals made.

How do I open and manage my account?

You can open an account online, in branch or over the phone. Please see the ‘How to apply’ section below for more details.

You can manage your account in branch, or using Online Banking, Barclays Mobile Banking or Telephone Banking – provided you’re registered.

The minimum opening balance allowed is £0 if the Help to Buy: ISA is being funded by a cash ISA transfer-in, otherwise the minimum deposit is £1.

You can save up to a maximum of £200 per month, with an additional allowance of £1,000 in the first calendar month. There is no maximum balance.


To apply for our Help to Buy: ISA, you must

  • Be aged 16 or above
  • Be resident in the UK for tax purposes
  • Be a first-time buyer

Can I withdraw money?

Yes, you’ll have instant access to your money so you can make withdrawals.

Additional information

Transfers-in and transfers-out from and to other ISAs are allowed, subject to Help to Buy: ISA deposit limits.

You can only have one Help to Buy: ISA at any time. If you already have a Help to Buy: ISA with another financial institution, you can transfer this to us. To protect the tax-free benefits you’ve built up in your existing Help to Buy: ISA, you must use the correct transfer-in process. When you open your Help to Buy: ISA, you’ll be able to enter your transfer details.

You can claim a 25% government bonus on amounts saved between £1,600 and £12,000 (maximum bonus of £3,000), subject to the Help to Buy: ISA scheme rules.

Terms and conditions

To qualify for the 25% government bonus, you'll need to save a minimum of £1,600 – this will provide you with a £400 bonus. The maximum government bonus is £3,000, which is payable on balances of £12,000 and above.

You have instant access to your money, so you can make a withdrawal whenever you want. However, this means it will take longer for you to build up your balance, as you can only pay in up to £200 per month. Also, the government bonus is payable on the final savings (closing) balance.

We may withdraw the availability of our Help to Buy: ISA at any time without notice. This would only apply to new accounts opened from the time we gave notice.

For full details, including eligibility, see the Help to Buy: ISA scheme rules

Download our Help to Buy: ISA terms and conditions – and our guide to ISAs for additional information.

How to apply

There are different ways to apply, depending on whether or not you bank with us. You’ll need to have your National Insurance number to hand.

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