Online and mobile banking guarantee

Online and mobile banking security

We’re working hard to protect your money

Feel safe when banking online. Find out how our guarantee works to protect you and your money from fraud – plus what you can do, too.

Our responsibilities

We’re continually investing in new technologies to help keep you and your money safe. We also want to give you the right tools and information to help you spot fraud.

In the unlikely event that you do become a victim of fraud when using our online- or mobile-banking services, we’ll refund you in full on any transactions that you haven’t authorised – including any interest or charges that may have been incurred.

Your responsibilities

Making and authorising payments

While we’ll do our best to protect you against fraud, it’s your responsibility to be alert when it comes to scams and tricks. Each situation will be assessed on its individual merits, but it’s unlikely we’ll refund you because someone has tricked you into making or authorising a payment.

For example, we’re unlikely to refund you if

  • You ask us to make a payment because of a false instruction (however you receive it) from a third party
  • You instruct us (perhaps even after we’ve contacted you to query it by SMS or phone) to make a payment that you’ve been persuaded to make because of a scam

Therefore, we need you to be sure who you’re paying, as well as what you’re paying them for.

  • Double-check the details. Always make sure you check the payment details are correct
  • Look for the lock. Use familiar websites to shop online, and never purchase an item on a site unless it has the ‘https’ and a padlock icon in the address bar
  • Check your statements. This will help you to make sure the correct amount has been deducted, and that it’s going to the correct place
  • Looks too good to be true? It probably is. If you’re purchasing a bargain, be sure you’re confident you’ll actually receive it

Managing your accounts

Please remember: your account details and passwords are personal to you. Look after them and keep them secret. It’s unlikely we’ll refund you if you

  • Fail to keep your card, PIN, Online Banking password* and other full passwords, PINsentry codes* or Mobile PINsentry codes secure
  • Give someone else access to your Online Banking account* or Barclays Mobile Banking app
  • Don’t tell us as soon as possible that your card has gone missing. Here's what to do if your card’s lost or stolen
  • Don’t tell us that you’ve lost your mobile – especially if you think someone else might be able to find or use it. Here's how you can let us know

Remember, we’ll never ask you for your PIN, password, PINsentry codes or Mobile PINsentry codes.

This guarantee does not apply to Corporate or Investment Bank clients who have different security obligations.

*You can provide your security details to authorised companies that require your security information to provide account information services and payment initiation services. When we say authorised, we mean a company which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or another European regulator to provide the relevant service. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority’s register will tell you whether a company is authorised. You should always consider the implications of sharing your security credentials and your personal information.

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