Investment Account

We’ve created a new deposit facility, called an Investment Saver, so you can earn interest on uninvested cash from your Investment Account. They work seamlessly alongside each other, so you’ll be able to access and use the cash in either as you do today. Please note, this doesn’t apply to Investment ISA or SIPP accounts.

We made a one-off transfer of any uninvested cash from your Investment Account to your Investment Saver before 30 September 2018.

If you want us to continue moving your uninvested cash automatically, we’ll need your permission.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

How to give your permission

You can provide your permission for the automatic cash transfer in the following ways:

  • Log in to Smart Investor via Online Banking and amend your preferences within Investment Settings
  • Complete and return the form we sent you through the post.

If you don’t respond you could miss out on earning interest.

We sent this pack to customers throughout August; it explains how we made the changes:

If you receive this pack and you’ve recently instructed us to close your account, you don’t need to do anything – your request will be completed as soon as possible.

Find out how you can agree to the automatic cash transfer in our video below.

Find out more about how the Investment Saver works

  • Barclays Investment Saver

    On 30 September 2018, Smart Investor will become part of a new ring-fenced bank within Barclays.

    An Investment Saver will be created to allow you to earn interest on uninvested cash.

    We'll transfer cash from your Investment Account to your new Investment Saver before 30 September 2018.

    Please confirm you're happy for us to continue moving cash into your Investment Saver on a daily basis.

    Then, you can continue to invest as normal.

    When Smart Investor becomes part of Barclays Investment Solution Limited on 30 September, you'll have an Investment Saver which will work alongside your Investment Account.

    You can instantly move money between them; such as moving cash to the Investment Saver to earn interest, or moving cash back into the Investment Account to fund investments or to pay fees.

    Your Investment Account sits under the Barclays Investment Solutions Limited legal entity, and as cash is held as Client Money, won't earn interest.

    Your Investment Saver sits under the Barclays Bank UK PLC legal entity, and as cash will be held on deposit, it will have the opportunity to earn interest.

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