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Weekly Investment Spotlight keeps you up to speed with the latest developments in equity markets and fixed-income investments, as well as commodities and foreign exchange.

As an investor, it’s important to pay close attention to current trends and market movements. Weekly Investment Spotlight provides topical investment insights from Barclays’ investment experts and highlights key themes and areas of interest.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

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Is the slowing Chinese economy a cause for concern?

Chinese economic activity has slowed over the last few quarters but what comes next and what should investors do?

Is the UK heading for recession?

Brexit uncertainty continues to weigh on the UK economy, as sluggish economic data pays testament to. This week, we discuss if the UK economy is heading for recession and whether this matters for investors.

What happened to Goldilocks?

A ‘Goldilocks’ economy is often described as one that’s not too hot, and not too cold – the best state for an economy to be in. The overall investment environment has recently been reminiscent of this, but is that starting to change?

The January blues

What spooked the world’s investors so much in December and what does it mean for investors as we look to the year ahead?

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What lies ahead in 2019?

We look at what 2019 might hold for investors, from leaving the EU to the 2020 Presidential Elections, and the prospect of another recession.

Should the recent slowdown in Chinese growth worry investors?

What’s driving the recent slowdown in Chinese growth, and whether investors should be concerned.

Are the house price rises of the last couple of decades normal?

How property compares to other types of investment.

Are trade tensions the only thing to look out for in stock markets?

How trade tensions can be a distraction from the fundamentals that matter for stock markets.

Can the bull market continue?

What has been driving the bull market, and will it last?

How are central banks expected to act for the remainder of the year?

How central banks are expected to respond to ongoing economic developments.

Investing lessons from the last 1000 years

What can the past teach us about the underlying drivers of long-run stock returns?

Is the yield curve signalling an incoming recession for the US?

Whether the yield curve is signalling an incoming recession for the US.

Meltdown coming?

Ten years after Lehman Brother’s collapse, are investors due for the next Great Financial Crisis?

Should investors worry about the latest political headlines?

Whether the recent political headlines are relevant to markets, and why investors are better off tuning out this noise.

Three lessons from the Great Financial Crisis

Ten years on since Lehman went bankrupt, what lessons have policymakers and investors learned from the Great Financial Crisis?

What the Turkish crisis means for investors

We look at how the current turmoil in Turkey may affect global markets.

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