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Here, our investment specialists help you select funds for your portfolio. Each idea is taken from the Barclays Funds List, which has been created by Barclays’ investment specialists to represent a shortlist of funds that we believe have built solid reputations. With thousands of different funds to choose from, it can seem like a big task to build the portfolio that’s right for you. Hopefully these ideas will help you in building your diversified investment portfolio.

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Schroder Strategic Credit Fund

Bond markets have had a turbulent time during the global pandemic in the same manner as shares have. It has reminded investors that investing in a fund with the flexibility to invest anywhere offers the greatest chances of avoiding the problems and backing the winners. These types of bond funds exist but you need to make sure you invest with a manager who has a long track record in investing through some of the most difficult markets.

Janus Henderson Asian Dividend Income Fund

Asia. Dividends. Two words that are not used in the same sentence very often. But they should be. It has been suggested that Asia will become the global powerhouse for future dividends, and it’s certainly going that way. More companies across Asia are paying dividends than ever before. The secret is to make sure that those companies can continue to afford to pay dividends in the future. Actually, the secret is to find an investment fund to do that for you.

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Jupiter European Fund

When it comes to investing in Europe, it’s all too easy to be distracted by headlines focusing on politics and the European Union. But investing in Europe is about the companies, not the headlines. And Europe is home to some of the most successful companies in the world. You just need to leave it to the experts to find them. Experts like Jupiter.

Franklin India Fund

Like most other economies around the world, the global pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of the Indian population and on the Indian economy. We take a look at a fund which focuses on the ‘higher quality’ businesses in India, which may well have the potential to withstand the impact and come out of this crisis stronger than most.

Polar Capital Global Technology Fund

“Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”, so the saying goes. What’s important today is very quickly forgotten tomorrow. And it’s a very similar situation in the world of technology, where today’s innovators and disruptors will soon become the norm and a new wave of innovation will replace them. The only way to keep on top, in the world of investing, is to opt for an active approach with one of the most experienced teams.

Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Fund

When it comes to ‘responsible’ investing, every investor has their own definition of what ‘responsible’ means. To Hamish Chamberlayne, the Fund Manager, it means investing in companies that ‘make the world a better place’. A very bold statement, and a very interesting fund.

Is this the only investment you will ever need?

The term ‘ready-made’ is defined in a dictionary as ‘bought or found in a finished form and available to use immediately’. It’s become a household phrase when it comes to dinner. But what about in the world of investments? Yes, ready-made investments exist and, like ready-made meals, they are a one-stop solution used by all types of people.

Travel the world with your investment portfolio

Here we look at three funds investing in regions abroad that often serve as popular holiday spots.

Threadneedle UK Social Bond Fund

Here’s a bond fund with a difference. Not only is the fund aiming to deliver returns to investors in line with what a traditional bond fund would deliver, but it is doing this by supporting and funding socially beneficial activities and developments, primarily in the UK. An approach that firmly focuses on the ‘S’ in ESG investing (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

Jupiter UK Smaller Companies Fund

Coffee shops in Central London have not always been a place for a mid-morning decaf grande caramel macchiato with almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. They were once the places where modern day investing was born. Those merchants, traders, and explorers have been replaced with fund managers, and the smaller companies market is just as interesting today as it was back in the 17th century.

Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund

Investment world legend has it that the physics genius, Albert Einstein, once described the mathematical rule of ‘compounding’ – a vital ingredient for successful, long-term saving and investing – as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. Here, we talk about a fund that aims to harness its power.

Is this Europe’s answer to Apple?

While the global technology sector is typically associated with mega cap companies in the US and across Asia, there are a number of European companies which are just as important and just as interesting. Here, we take a look at a company from The Netherlands which is fundamental to the development of the semiconductor industry, and three funds that invest in the business for three very different reasons.

PIMCO Global Investment Grade Credit Fund

Investing in bonds is effectively lending your money to companies. And there is no guarantee that every company will be in a position to pay back their bonds in the future. So, it’s imperative to have a large team of analysts scrutinising the market to find the very best bonds to invest in. And PIMCO have one of the largest teams of research analysts in the market today.

Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders Fund

What is it about companies that are still run by the person that originally founded the business? Does it make for a better investment? Well, there are fund managers out there that certainly think so, and are willing to invest for the very long term.

Man GLG Income Fund

Just like your weekly grocery order reflects what you like to cook and eat, a fund manager’s portfolio reflects their investment preferences. And if you wander down the bargain aisle, it’s possible to find some very interesting companies to invest in. We take a look at a fund which has been snapping up good quality bargains for a number of years.

JO Hambro UK Equity Income Fund

We like a named manager in charge of an investment fund. One manager, accountable for all the investment decisions. One manager responsible for performance. But now and again a fund comes along that offers something different. The duo at JO Hambro is certainly something different, and it’s an example of where sometimes two heads can be better than one.

The Ninety One Emerging Markets Equity Fund

From Argentina to Zambia there are over 50 countries that make up the emerging markets. And each one so very different to each other that you need to be a specialist to uncover investment opportunities and to fully understand the risks. We focus our attention on the Ninety One Emerging Markets Equity Fund, which has the resources and experience to navigate the market.

Artemis Income Fund

One of the most difficult aspects of dividend investing is evaluating the probability of whether companies will maintain their dividend, raise it or cut it. There are many ways that fund managers can do this, but here we look at a tried and tested method used by the team at Artemis, who place great emphasis on company cashflows.

Are these three funds too risky for me?

We take a look at three ‘higher risk’ investment funds, for a more adventurous investor looking to dip their toes in these very specific parts of the market.

Three ways to make my portfolio more sustainable

There are plenty of sustainable funds which look to take a responsible approach to investing while making you money. Here, we take a closer look at three options: Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Fund, BlackRock Sustainable Energy Fund, and the Jupiter Ecology Fund.

Three growth funds for Spring

We take a closer look at the Jupiter UK Alpha Fund, Montanaro European Smaller Companies, and the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainable Equity Fund.

Asia funds to consider

We take a closer look at the Fidelity Asia Fund, the Janus Henderson Asian Divided Income Fund, and the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Fund, what they do and the kind of companies they invest in.

Findlay Park American Fund

We take a closer look at the Findlay Park American Fund, what it does and the kind of companies it invests in.

BlackRock European Dynamic Fund

We take a closer look at the BlackRock European Dynamic Fund – investing in Europe’s winning companies.

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