Polar Capital Global Technology Fund

18 August 2021

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“Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”, so the saying goes. What’s important today is very quickly forgotten tomorrow. And it’s a very similar situation in the world of technology, where today’s innovators and disruptors will soon become the norm and a new wave of innovation will replace them. The only way to keep on top, in the world of investing, is to opt for an active approach with one of the most experienced teams.

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Investing in technology is more than simply buying into Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. It’s about disruption. It’s about innovation. It’s about identifying markets that are being disrupted through the use of technology. It’s about finding the next Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. And that’s the approach behind the Polar Capital Global Technology Fund.

The ‘last generation’ of technology

It was Mark Twain that said “history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” And Ben Rogoff, one of the two co-managers running the fund, studied history at university and agrees – there is much to learn from the past. He says that many of the changes we are seeing today can be better understood by looking at transformations that have happened previously in other industries. But we don’t have to go back very far, to see this transformation in the technology market.

Go back just 25 years and it was the PC market that was disrupting the market, transforming the modern workplace from a paper-based environment into what it is today and offering households access to home technology. But today, the PC market is mature. There is little to no growth left in this market. Yet those PC companies still exist, and they are very large companies.

The team at Polar refer to markets like this as the ‘last generation of technology’. The growth has gone and it’s time to move onto the ‘next generation’ of technology.

The ‘next generation’ of technology

Today, there are plenty of markets that are being disrupted, and plenty of companies that have the potential to take advantage and grow strongly, which means plenty of opportunities for the fund. Examples include e-commerce, cyber security, cloud computing, digital entertainment, and online advertising. These are all markets which are growing strongly, and where the team can find companies to invest in.

But one day, these companies will fall into the ‘last generation’ of technologies. They will have matured and no longer become attractive to invest in. As a result, the team are always looking for what is coming next. And there are countless opportunities today which are in their early stages of development, but not yet at a stage that you can invest in.

These businesses will become the growth stories of tomorrow’s generation of technology. Examples include autonomous driving, smart agriculture (think vertical farming), mass energy storage, and machine learning.

The ‘sweet spot’ in technology

This is what we like about the fund. There exists this ‘sweet spot’ in the technology market where companies are growing incredibly fast. The fund looks to avoid the old world of technology, whose mega cap businesses dominate the holdings in an ETF or tracker fund. There are always companies disrupting.

So, it doesn’t matter what happens to the NASDAQ or the technology market as a whole, because this fund is not about just buying everything. It’s about investing in the companies that are disrupting our lives every single day, from the device you are reading this email on, to the method by which you paid for your Amazon delivery.

The Global Technology Team at Polar Capital is one of the largest teams in Europe dedicated to investing in technology. While we appreciate that history does not repeat itself, this concept of disruption and innovation has been around for a very long time. If you are looking to invest in the ever-changing world of technology, this could be a fund worth considering. Find out more information on this fund.

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