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We offer five Ready-made Investment funds that vary in their level of risk and reward. So whether you’re most comfortable with lower risk and low potential for growth, or want to take a greater risk of loss for the potential of higher returns, there may be an option to suit you. Once you’ve invested, our experts monitor day-to-day developments in the markets to make sure your fund stays true to its objective.

Our fund managers use the Barclays Strategic Asset Allocation model which sets the balance of the assets that each fund holds. We believe this gives the funds the best chance of achieving their goals over the longer term, while staying aligned to their level of risk.

Our experts also follow economic and political developments that can present opportunities and risks for investments, and make adjustments to the allocation of the fund in the short-term. This is our Tactical Asset Allocation.

This approach is designed for investing over the long term, so you should expect to stay invested in your Ready-made Investment for at least five years.

Please note: The actual asset allocation may differ from those weights shown due to short-term adjustments that we make.

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Remember, like all investments, the value of these Ready Made Investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than what you invest. We're not recommending Ready-made Investments as being suitable for you based on your personal circumstances. If you're unsure about this investment’s suitability for you, you should seek professional independent advice.

Your five choices

Low risk

Barclays Wealth Global Markets 1

This investment seeks to remove the risk of significant capital loss. The long-term level of return should be slightly higher than cash, although this can’t be guaranteed.

Low-Moderate risk

Barclays Wealth Global Markets 2

This investment takes some investment risk to try and achieve better returns than cash over the longer term. However, to reduce the risk of significant capital loss, it still has a high exposure to lower-risk assets.

Moderate risk

Barclays Wealth Global Markets 3

This investment takes a moderate level of risk to provide long-term growth. There’s exposure to risky investments, but it’s well diversified to try and mitigate some risk. Short-term changes in value are likely.

Moderate-High risk

Barclays Wealth Global Markets 4

This investment seeks to achieve a higher level of long-term growth by taking an increased level of risk. This exposure to riskier investments means you may experience significant short-term changes in value.

High risk

Barclays Wealth Global Markets 5

This investment takes a high level of risk as it seeks to achieve substantial long-term growth. Most of the holdings will be higher risk investments and you may experience considerable day-to-day fluctuations in value.

Important information about the service we provide

We’re presenting these funds to illustrate possible investment options, using some funds we think you might like to invest in. We’re not offering advice or recommendations to select any of these funds, nor are we suggesting these funds are the best solution to provide the kind of returns that we describe.

These funds are growth funds and aim to grow your investment capital instead of income funds that seek to generate regular income. If you’re looking to invest for income, you can browse other fund options here.

There are many other options on Smart Investor that could equally or better meet your needs than the funds selected as Ready-made Investments. Before making any decisions you should read our investment principles and research the alternatives that could meet your needs.

Ready-made Investments are funds from Barclays Fund Managers and are one of three ways to start an investment search, alongside the Barclays Funds List, and searching our full funds offering.

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  • Strategic Asset Allocation(%)


    Cash & Short Maturity Bonds

    Developed Government Bonds

    Investment Grade Bonds

    High Yield & Emerging Market Bonds

    Developed Markets Equities

    Emerging Markets Equities

    Global Markets 1







    Global Markets 2







    Global Markets 3







    Global Markets 4







    Global Markets 5







    Please note: The actual asset allocation may deviate from those weights shown due to intentional shifts we make to take advantage of short-term opportunities and risks, as we see them.

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