Ready-made Investments, July - Dec 2018

Clare interviews William Hobbs, Barclays’ Chief Investment Officer, to get an update on the economic activity experienced during the second half of 2018. They discuss how the asset allocation of our Ready-made Investments changed in response to those market conditions, and how it is set up for the year ahead.

6 minute view

Who's this for? Investors with basic investment knowledge

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Remember, the value of the investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest. We're not recommending Ready-made Investments as being suitable for you based on your personal circumstances. If you're unsure about this investment’s suitability for you, you should seek independent advice.

Introduction to Ready-made Investments

Leave the day-to-day management to Barclays investment experts and take the complexity out of investing.

Why invest with Barclays?

Learn about investing with Barclays Ready-made Investments and how they aim for different levels of risk and reward.

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