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The secrets to a successful multigenerational holiday

We sat down with travel expert Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker, who shared her industry secrets and why she was driven to help make sure that all families enjoy their holiday... 

Meet Alexa

Founder and CEO of tripAbrood

Proud mother of three, pioneer behind the world’s first digital travel assistant for families tripAbrood, and professional singer in her spare time.

What’s a multigenerational holiday? The traditional definition is three generations, but recently it’s morphed to include aunts and uncles too. The average search on our website is over two adults and two children for more than one room. 

I think that multigenerational holidays are so popular right now because they reinforce the love of family and what we’ve all missed out on. Everyone wants to get that precious time back.

Research shows around 89% of parents think that finding accommodation is the most challenging part of planning a holiday1. In fact, on average it takes a family 30 hours to research and book a holiday2. And I know this to be true from my own experiences - I once stayed in a hotel with a view of the local cemetery! It's what inspired tripAbrood actually, as I knew that there had to be an easier way to travel.

How does tripAbrood help plan your dream holiday? We’ve built technology that helps solve the family accomodation search, by combining parents’ feedback with information from over 500,000 properties worldwide. From finding interconnecting rooms and separate living areas to sourcing the best concierge services from our team of family travel experts, we make sure that holidays are stress free from start to finish. 

"For too long families have had to make compromises when really they should be making wonderful memories"

In terms of must-visit destinations for all the family, the Greek islands have become very popular because of the diverse range of accommodation and activities available. Other hot spots include the Canary Islands for the year-round warm temperatures, as well as destinations that only require short-haul flights.

If you’re looking to visit somewhere closer to home, then Suffolk has a lot of cultural places to explore and hasn’t yet become overpopulated by tourists. And South Wales has a fantastic mix of big cities and picturesque villages to explore. Plus, there's also plenty of breathtaking scenery to enjoy from the beaches to the Brecon Beacons.

I think in the future we’ll see a lot of multigenerational holiday bookings to Dubai. It’s a luxury destination that’s becoming very family-friendly and there’s something for everyone.

One of my own favourite family holiday memories is a trip to Zakynthos. We were introduced to this lovely lady who had her own restaurant with no menu, and it was a total gem. She even persuaded my fussy middle child to eat an entire plate of tomatoes and it was an amazing experience that took away the stress of dinner time. And who doesn’t want as little stress as possible when on holiday?

My tip for splitting costs on multigenerational holidays? Establish finances at the beginning of the trip. If one person has offered to foot the bill, then booking an all-inclusive resort stay is a great way to cover both accommodation and food costs.

When it comes to keeping the family entertained, a big lesson for me was learning to avoid booking accommodation that has limited things to do nearby. It just puts a lot of pressure on going out all the time! Swimming pools and travel diaries are a great way to keep the little ones entertained. And for everyone else, I’d recommend doing something that you've never been able to do before, such as horse riding and rock climbing. Enjoy those new experiences together!

The secret to every family member enjoying a holiday? Keep to routines and set boundaries early on. Structure time, activities and childcare (if required) so that everyone has a chance to do their own thing, as well as appreciate that quality family time.

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TripAbrood is an award-winning tech startup which uses AI technology to learn about a family's unique needs to match them to the perfect home away from home. A team of dedicated travel specialists works behind the scenes to ensure that every detail is perfectly tailored to your brood. 

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