How to make a payment in the Barclays app

The Barclays app.

How to make payments.

The Barclays app puts the power to pay at your fingertips.

Just log in and choose, 'Pay & Transfer'.

Select 'Pay a recent or new payee'.

Choose the account you would like to pay from and then tap 'Add / select payee'.

If you're paying someone you've paid before, either through the app or online banking just select their name from the list.

Or to pay someone new, choose 'Add new payee'.

Tap 'Enter bank details'.

Choose who you're paying and enter their information.

Once you've added all the details, we'll check them with the recipient's bank if the details match, we'll confirm the details are correct.

If the name doesn't match other responses may occur.

You can search 'Confirmation of payee' on the Barclays website for more information.

If the details match, tap 'Continue'.

Next, enter the amount you want to pay and add a reference that you'll both see on your statements.

Then choose whether this is a one off payment or a standing order and select 'Review payment'.

Choose the type of payment you're making.

Tap to confirm you've read the information about fraud and scams and if you're happy tap 'Continue'.

If you're paying someone new, you'll need your debit card as you'll need to add a few more details for security.

Check the details, tap 'Confirm payment' and you're done.