Barclays Cloud It Privacy Policy

1.1 You can use Barclays Cloud It (the ‘service’) to upload and store electronic copies of documents with Barclays. We may also use it to upload and provide access to electronic copies of documents for you as our customer.

1.2 This Privacy Policy covers how your information is used in connection with the service. You should read this policy together with:

a. Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions, which apply to how you use the service
b. The general terms and conditions of your Customer Agreement with us, Barclays Bank UK PLC (or where relevant, Barclays Bank PLC, Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited or Barclays Investment Services Limited), which apply to your overall relationship with us
c. Barclays Mobile Banking app terms and conditions, if that is how you access the service
d. The Barclays online privacy and cookies policies, available at

2.1 In the course of your use of the service, you agree that we will store the documents and files you upload to Barclays Cloud It and information about your use of it (together, 'your information').

2.2 To the extent that your information includes ‘sensitive personal data’, as defined in the Data Protection Act, 1998 (eg information relating to your health, criminal convictions, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation or ethnic origin), you provide your explicit consent to us storing such sensitive personal data for the purposes and in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

2.3 Where you, or third parties you authorise, upload information relating to others – eg, dependants, joint account holders, business partners or financial associates – you confirm that you have their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to us and for us to use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.4 Certain documents or files you upload to your Barclays Cloud It may contain data that was automatically recorded by the device originally used to create the document or file. For example, this may include data that identifies the specific device, the person who owns it and its location when the file was created. You consent to our storage of this data for the purposes and in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

3.1 We and other companies in the Barclays Group may use your information for these purposes:

a. To provide the service and our others to you
b. To develop and continuously improve the service and our others for the benefit of you and other customers
c. To comply with any law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to us

4.1 Barclays Cloud It may enable you to send or share your information with others, including third party individuals, companies or organisations. Where you, or third parties you authorise, choose to share your information with others, you authorise us to disclose such information to such third parties. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the actions or omissions of such third parties in using, processing or protecting your information.

4.2 In addition, to the extent necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we can share your information with:

a. Other Barclays companies
b. Our service providers and our agents, including their sub-contractors, as long as they promise to keep it confidential
c. UK and overseas regulators and authorities in connection with their duties – eg, the prevention of crime
d. Fraud-prevention agencies. They will also allow other organisations, such as law-enforcement agencies, either in the UK or abroad, to access this information to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering or other crimes. You can ask us for the details of the fraud-prevention agencies

4.3 Where a recipient listed above is based in another country, you also accept that your information may be transferred to them. The laws of that country may not provide an equivalent level of protection to your data as jurisdictions within the European Economic Area. In respect of those recipients listed at 4.2(a) and (b), we will make sure that they agree to apply the same levels of protection as we apply to your information and, where appropriate, strictly follow our instructions when using your information.

4.4 Where we receive a request to disclose your information from a UK or overseas regulator or authority in connection with its duties, before we comply with it, we will review the request to ensure it satisfies legal requirements and our policies and, where appropriate, we will tell you about it unless we are prohibited by law or a court order.

4.5 You should not upload information to your Barclays Cloud It that you do not wish to be shared with (a) the parties described in section 4.2 above or (b) any other party who has access to your Barclays Cloud It, eg, other users of a business account.

4.6 You should also not upload documents that could otherwise be protected from disclosure to a regulator or authority, such as journalistic materials or documents or files that may be legally privileged, such as letters from your lawyers, or contain information relating to an individual's health or personal welfare, eg, medical records. We will not be able to exclude these documents if we receive a valid and legally binding request to disclose information stored on Barclays Cloud It, so they could lose legal protection.

4.7 We will keep information about you secure and confidential and only use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as supplemented by the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions and your other agreements with us.

Please refer to section 7 of the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions for information about how to delete your documents or files.

We will contact you from time to time to notify you of important upgrades or changes or other messages relating to the service in accordance with the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions.