Barclays Cloud It Privacy Policy

Barclays is committed to protecting your personal data. We will use your information for a number of different purposes, for example, to manage your account(s), to provide our products and services to you and others and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. We may also share your information with our trusted 3rd parties for these purposes. For more detailed information on how and why we use your information, including the rights in relation to your personal data, and our legal grounds for using it, please go to https://www.barclays.co.uk/important-information/control-your-data or you can request a copy from us.

1.1 You can use Barclays Cloud It (the ‘service’) to upload and store electronic copies of documents with Barclays. We may also use it to upload and provide access to electronic copies of documents for you as our customer.

1.2 This Privacy Policy covers how your information is used in connection with the service. You should read this policy together with:

a. Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions, which apply to how you use the service

b. The general terms and conditions of your Customer Agreement with us, Barclays Bank UK PLC (or where relevant, Barclays Bank PLC, Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited or Barclays Investment Services Limited), which apply to your overall relationship with us

c. The Barclays app terms and conditions, if that is how you access the service

d. The Barclays online privacy and cookies policies, available at Barclays.co.uk

2.1 Certain documents or files you upload to your Barclays Cloud It may contain data that was automatically recorded by the device originally used to create the document or file. For example, this may include data that identifies the specific device, the person who owns it and its location when the file was created. If these documents are relevant to your relationship with us, we’ll handle this information in accordance with our privacy notice (available at https://www.barclays.co.uk/important-information/control-your-data/).

3.1 You should not upload information to your Barclays Cloud It that you do not wish to be shared with (a) the parties described in section 2 above or (b) any other party who has access to your Barclays Cloud It, eg, other users of a business account.

3.2 You should also not upload documents that could otherwise be protected from disclosure to a regulator or authority, such as journalistic materials or documents or files that may be legally privileged, such as letters from your lawyers, or contain information relating to an individual's health or personal welfare, eg, medical records. We will not be able to exclude these documents if we receive a valid and legally binding request to disclose information stored on Barclays Cloud It, so they could lose legal protection.

3.3 We will keep information about you secure and confidential and only use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as supplemented by the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions and your other agreements with us.

Please refer to section 7 of the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions for information about how to delete your documents or files.

We will contact you from time to time to notify you of important upgrades or changes or other messages relating to the service in accordance with the Barclays Cloud It terms and conditions.