What is Paym?

An easy way to send and receive payments

Send and receive payments using just a UK mobile number – and register for free through the Barclays app1.

What is Paym?

With Paym, you can send or receive money using a UK mobile number. It’s a great way to pay your friends and family without having to share bank details or withdraw cash.

To receive money with Paym, you need to register for the service. The person making the payment doesn’t need to be registered.

To send money to someone who has registered for Paym, all you need to know is the mobile number they’ve registered with. Just log in to the Barclays app, enter the amount you’d like to pay and the person’s mobile number, which you can select from your contact list if you’ve given the app access to your phone’s contacts. The money will then be deposited into their nominated account within two hours.