Windows 7 is no longer supported

Upgrade your operating system

On 14 January Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, which means people using it will no longer receive security updates. For your protection, we recommend upgrading to a newer operating system and not using Windows 7 for anything you do online in the meantime.

Why upgrade?

Better protection

A newer operating system that’s supported by the provider will offer you better protection and security against web scams and fraudulent software.

Technical support

If you have any technical problems with your newer operating system, you’ll be able to get help from the provider. Microsoft will no longer be providing technical support for Windows 7.

A better online experience

Upgrading your operating systems means you’ll benefit from the latest online features and performance, and have more flexibility through downloadable extensions.

More information

Personal users

For more information about Windows 7, see the latest advice from Microsoft.

Business users

If your computer is provided and managed by your employer, please speak to your IT department or administrator to understand the risks involved in using Windows 7.