Barclays GlobalBeta

Seeking consistent and reliable long-term returns

A portfolio of globally diversified index funds, combined into a single managed fund.

Smart strategies – tailored to you

GlobalBeta utilises index funds, which represent a portfolio of shares or bonds that aim to provide consistent, reliable long-term returns while keeping your costs low.

All investments can fall in value as well as rise. You might not get back what you originally invested.

Choose your portfolio and currency

You can choose from five funds. Each one uses a different blend of asset classes to suit your investment objectives. Our portfolios are available in three currencies: sterling, US dollars and euros. For investments in foreign securities, the value of investments and any income from them may decrease or increase as a result of changes in exchange rates between currencies.

Worldwide experts

A global team of economists and research strategists who incorporate local perspectives into global investment strategies.

The advantages of GlobalBeta

Lower costs and less paperwork

Index-linked funds can offer significant cost advantages over actively managed funds because of factors such as lower trading and research costs. Furthermore, you get one fund with one receipt and one income stream – as opposed to many – meaning there’s less paperwork.

Seeks smoother returns

Your portfolio will be broadly diverse in order to capture the growth potential in both developed and emerging economies. This will also help to better manage the overall risk of investing – and should help to generate smoother returns.

Transparent portfolio

You’ll have access to an innovative structure that offers a globally diversified portfolio of index funds in a familiar fund-of-funds structure. As index funds have transparent portfolio holdings, you know exactly where your money is invested.

Become a client

Become a client

To become a Wealth Management client, you need to be a UK resident and have £500,000 or more to invest.

Call us on 0800 279 4893^ or leave us your details and we'll be in touch within two business days.

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