Impact investing

Invest in the change you want to see in the world

Aim to protect and grow your wealth, while supporting the environmental and social causes you believe in.


You invest to protect and grow your wealth, but the way your capital is deployed and the impact it can generate in the world, positively or negatively, may be important for you.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you originally invested.

Invest in change

The opportunity to make investments that not only deliver financial returns, but also have the potential to generate positive outcomes that address some of the most imperative challenges that we face as a society, such as climate change and poverty.

A solution for you

A range of investment options that we consider best in class for their consistent performance and integration of impact. The Barclays Multi-Impact Growth Fund is a comprehensive multi-asset solution, encompassing institutional due diligence, strategic diversification, simplicity and daily liquidity. And, it gives you access to impact managers and direct investments in a readymade investment product that reports the impacts it’s generated.

What is impact investing?

We see impact investing as investing to intentionally generate financial returns and social impact, so you can both grow and protect your assets and make a positive contribution to the world. Take a look at our video below to find out more.

Why care about impact investing?

Our Investor motivations for impact report [PDF, 1.2MB] examines motivations, preferences and attitudes to impact investing, exploring why people care about it – which may help you decide on the impact you want to make.

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