Smart investment strategies

A carefully curated, diversified solution to help you achieve your objectives and maximise returns.


The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you originally invested.

Five strategies, three currencies

Choose from five readymade investment strategies, starting at £10k, with a different blend of asset classes designed for you to select and which may match your goals and risk profile. Each is available in three currencies: sterling, euros and dollars. For investments in foreign securities, the value of investments and any income from them may decrease or increase as a result of changes in exchange rates between currencies.

Expert investment thinking

Access to some of the world's leading institutional investment managers, including managers who aren’t normally available to individuals. We keep tabs on every manager – if they’re no longer the best option for you, we’ll make a change.

More diversification

Your investments can be crafted to include a wide range of traditional and non-traditional asset classes, including those from emerging markets, all in keeping with your risk profile. You’ll have fund managers with a mix of styles and approaches, helping to generate smoother returns.

Your expert team

Your strategy will be designed around the experience and insights of our worldwide experts. There are dedicated investment teams selecting assets and making trades – plus leading institutional and boutique investment managers who we’ll select and monitor for you.

Potentially tax efficient

There’s no tax payable on capital gains realised from the disposal of assets held within a fund, though there’ll be a charge on gains realised on disposal of units you hold in the fund itself. Bear in mind that tax rules can change and their benefit to you will depend on your circumstances. Barclays does not offer tax advice.

Things to consider

We’re presenting these funds to illustrate possible investment options, using some funds we think you might like to invest in. This is not advice or a recommendation to select any of these funds, nor are we suggesting these funds are the best solution to providing the kind of returns that we describe.

There are many other options available that could equally or better meet your needs than the funds selected as readymade solutions. Before making any decisions you should speak to your Wealth Manager and research the alternatives that could meet your needs.

Become a client

Become a client

To become a Wealth Management client, you need to be a UK resident and have £500,000 or more to invest.

Call us on 0800 279 4893^ or leave us your details and we'll be in touch within two business days.

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