Structured products

An investment solution suited to you

Customised exposure to an underlying asset – based on your personal risk profile.


Investments can fall in value. You may get back less than you invest. If the issuer of the product fails to meet its obligations (eg: because it’s insolvent), you may not receive what is due to you (or anything at all).


Diversify your traditional, direct investments by taking exposure to certain indices or markets with elements such as time frame and returns suited to your strategy.

Market access

Invest in a product with features that sometimes give the opportunity to gather upside returns in otherwise flat or even downward equities markets.

Handpicked products

A good combination of returns and high quality counterparties – because we work with a range of leading investment banks to structure your solutions.

Spreading risk

Product features that could help to counter adverse movements when you have concentrated exposure to a particular asset or market force. Plus, a wide range of counterparties that enable us to deliver consistent value for you.

Things to consider

Structured products will not necessarily outperform the underlying asset to which they’re linked.

Prices can fluctuate below the level at which you originally invested, due to market forces such as interest rates. Also, you may not be able to sell the investment as there may not be an available secondary market. If you sell the product before its maturity date you may get back less than you invested irrespective of the performance of the underlying asset.

Become a client

Become a client

To become a Wealth Management client, you need to be a UK resident and have £500,000 or more to invest.

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