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Motivations for impact investing

Why might you care about your portfolio’s impact?

Our latest research takes a behavioural finance perspective to examine why impact investing is resonating with investors.

Reducing Inheritance Tax

Using Business Property Relief to your tax advantage

Certain types of investment can reduce your Inheritance Tax bill beyond current thresholds. We explain how.

Should you transfer your personal pensions?

Transferring your personal pensions

Should you consolidate?

We highlight a few things to consider before you consolidate your pensions.

Thinking about fraud

Cognition is key to combating fraud

In an age where technology can go a long way to protect us all from fraud, why do many scams still work?

Key insights

Keeping calm in turbulent times

Don’t lose your focus when pressure mounts

Periods of market volatility, like those we’ve seen in February, will undoubtedly be unsettling for most investors.

Investment Outlook 2018

What can investors expect in the new year?

In this video, Arne discusses the 5 key themes that dominate our portfolios as we look ahead into 2018.

2018’s financial forecast

2018’s financial forecast

What do the latest financial developments mean for you?

Interest rates are on the rise, while inflation is squeezing savers, Bitcoin is big news, stock markets stay unpredictable and pensions are under the spotlight. We explore what all this means for financial planning in 2018.

Stock market volatility

Stock market volatility

Increasing volatility could bring risks and returns

William Hobbs, Barclays' Head of Investment Strategy for the UK and Europe, reviews the markets during the first quarter of 2018, covering the threat of trade tensions, swings in stock markets and the return of inflation.

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Do you need an estate plan?

What’s an estate plan and is it right for you?

Loss of privacy, children and the size of your estate are some of the key considerations Anthony Ward discusses in this article.

Entrepreneurs Index

A barometer of the entrepreneurial environment and activity in the UK. This, the ninth volume, focuses on three main indicators: start-up activity, growth of new business and exits of young enterprises.

Key tech trends

Key tech trends

Which technological developments will be leading the way?

Inheritance and passing on wealth

Inheritance and passing on wealth

How to prepare future generations for wealth

Making early plans for inheritance can provide significant reward.

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