Defensive investing

The view from our Chief Investment Officer

22 March 2019

1 minute read

The global market has seen significant changes recently. Here, Will Hobbs discusses the impact, what it could mean for your portfolios, and how you can take a defensive approach.

One of our aims is to keep you informed of our current investment views – and how these themes can impact your discretionary portfolios. Toby Cross, our Head of Client Investment Solutions, talks to Will Hobbs, our Chief Investment Officer, about becoming a more defensive investor as sentiment continues to swing from one extreme to another.

The current landscape

There was a dramatic fall in markets late last year, and an equally impressive market bounce back during the first two months of this year. In response, we’ve dialled back the risk in our tactical asset allocation by reducing our allocation to the developed markets. While the risk in our portfolios has been reduced, we still believe that there’s a low chance of a global recession in the year ahead are. All in all, the outlook for the world economy remains reasonably healthy.

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