The science and art of manager selection

Our skilled managers support your financial ambitions

10 April 2019

1 minute read

The Barclays Investment Solutions team discusses how it identifies the most capable managers.

Uncovering skilled fund managers who can deliver high and consistent risk-adjusted returns is, we believe, worth the effort. These managers can generate wealth, over and above that of the index return, supporting clients’ financial ambitions long into the future.

But how do we find them? We know that a manager’s performance record to date is no guarantee of future performance. So, how do we form a view on likely future performance? At Barclays, we see manager research and selection as both a science and an art. Like science, our process is formal, structured and repeatable to create valid comparisons between managers. Like art, our process is informed by a philosophy that guides our collective judgement, integrating our objective findings thoughtfully, applying our many years of collective experience.

While passive management has a role to play when cost and simplicity are key considerations, we believe in active management and have a track record of adding value relative to passive comparisons. This paper explains how we go about identifying, analysing, selecting and monitoring investment management organisations.

Read the full report [PDF, 847KB]

Remember, the value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest.

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