Recession risk abates

Investors wind back their estimations

13 February 2019

1 minute read

We talk about the recent market rebound and what this could mean for investors.

A swing in sentiment since December’s sell-off has seen investors wind back their estimation of recession risk, which has resulted in a rebound for equity markets.

As Brexit continues to dominate the headlines, we hope you’re reassured that the UK economy plays only a very small role in even our UK-biased portfolios.

That doesn’t mean the swings in sterling don’t have an impact, but that impact is generally temporary and transitory. We continue to look at the health of the global economy for the direction of our portfolios.

To keep you informed, our Head of Client Investment Solutions, Toby Cross, talks to our Chief Investment Officer, Will Hobbs, about our current investment views and how these themes are impacting your portfolios.

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