Structuring your wealth tax efficiently

Getting help to achieve your goals

23 April 2019

2 minute read

Our recent client survey showed that the task clients most value our support with is personalised advice on structuring their wealth. Anthony Ward, from our Wealth Planning team, looks at how we help clients structure their wealth tax efficiently to achieve their individual goals.

April brings the start of a new tax year and this is a great time for you to reflect and review your financial plan. One of the many ways our Wealth Planners help clients is to structure their wealth so they have the ability to make use of the many available tax allowances. Using tax allowances can help reduce the impact of tax on investments and increase net returns.

If you’re investing new cash or restructuring your existing investments, tax is an important consideration. Whether you’re accumulating your wealth, drawing an income from your wealth or estate planning, here are some of the main 2019/20 tax allowances to be aware of

Table showing the main 2019/20 tax allowances
Type Limit
Personal Allowance1 £12,500
Dividend Allowance2 £2,000
Annual Capital Gains Tax Exemption £12,000
Pension Annual Allowance3 £40,000
ISA Allowance £20,000
Nil Rate Band £325,000
Residence Nil Rate Band4 £150,000

Remember that we aren’t tax advisers. You should seek independent tax advice, however, our highly qualified and experienced Wealth Planners can help you structure your wealth tax efficiently. We also have a range of investment products and solutions that can help you invest tax efficiently for you and your family and it’s possible to even reclaim tax from the previous year or defer some tax to a later point. Any investments can fall in value as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest.

You should bear in mind that tax rules can change and their effects on you will depend on your personal circumstances.

Money is only ever an enabler or blocker to achieving your life goals. It’s by knowing what’s really important to you that allows us to tax-efficiently structure your wealth to help you achieve your goals.

If you’d like advice on growing your wealth, drawing an income from your wealth or estate planning we’re here to help you.

Please note: this article only applies to UK resident and domiciled clients.

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