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Rates and charges

Including rates for our savings accounts

Find out how much you could save with the tariff rates and charges on our finance options and services, including the rates on our savings accounts.

New tariffs

Barclays Business Account

See Barclays Business Account tariff [PDF, 537KB]

Use our Barclays Business Account tariff calculator to estimate your charges and see how much you could save.

Interest rates

If you're busy putting money away into an interest-earning account, it helps to know what rate applies to your funds. Whether you've got a currency account or have savings in sterling, euros or US dollars, you can access the interest rate information you need.

Current interest rates for deposit accounts listed below

  • Business Premium Account
  • Clients' Premium Account
  • Currency Clients Premium Account
  • Currency Business Premium Account
  • Barclays Business Current Account with Credit Interest

Historical interest rates for accounts listed below

  • Business Premium Account        
  • Client Premium Account     
  • Active Saver        
  • Rate Reward       
  • Barclays Business Current Account with Credit Interest
  • Currency Clients Premium Account
  • Business Tracker Account (non-sterling)
  • Euro Business Premium Account
  • US Dollar Business Premium Account
  • Currency Call Deposit Account

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