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Young Person’s Account for 16-19 year olds

Banking for 16 to 19 year olds 1

  • Manage your money on the go with Barclays Mobile Banking
  • Make purchases online or in store with a contactless debit card
  • Personalise your debit card with your favourite photo


What you get

An account with tools and features that let you manage your money your way.

Account features and extras

  • Withdraw up to £300 a day with your debit card
  • Upload your personal documents to Cloud It – we'll save your statements there too
  • Start saving for your future with one of our savings accounts

Add a personal touch

  • Personalise your debit card with your favourite photo
  • Customise your Barclays Mobile Banking app
  • Add products and services to your account from our Features Store

Banking to suit you

Bank on your phone or tablet

Keep track of your money with Barclays Mobile Banking

You can use the Barclays Mobile Banking app with a Young Person’s Account – all you need is a smartphone or tablet.




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Important information

  1. To be eligible for this account at 18 years of age and beyond, you should either be in further education or taking a gap year before starting a full-time higher education course.