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Barclays Text Alerts

Text Alerts

Keep track of your cash with free Text Alerts.

They're secure, free and you can have Text Alerts for Business accounts as well as Personal.


Text Alerts make it easier to stay in control of your bank accounts and help prevent fraud. You select the alerts you need and we’ll send texts to your mobile phone, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your money.

You can choose any or all of the following free alerts for your Barclays Personal current account:

Alerts to keep you informed

  • Large Credit – alerts you when your account receives a large payment, helping you stay in control of your income
  • Large Debit – alerts you when a large payment is made from your account, helping you keep in control of your spending
  • Online Statement – alerts you when your latest online statement is ready
  • Non-UK Debit - alerts you know when an overseas payment is made, helping protect you against fraud
  • Weekly balance – you can request your balance and last 5 transaction alerts to arrive on any working day you choose

Alerts to keep you out of the red

  • Near Limit – alerts you when your balance gets near the limit you set
  • Avoid Reserve Fee – lets you know when you're using your Personal Reserve
  • Avoid Unpaid Fee  – alerts you that you have insufficient funds to pay an item (eg, a cheque, standing order or Direct Debit), giving you the chance to pay in funds so the payment can be made and the fee avoided
  • Paid Transaction Fee – lets you know that you have insufficient funds to pay a guaranteed item (eg, a credit or contactless card debit) so that you can pay in funds and avoid the Paid Transaction Fee

Texts are based on transactions and balances at the close of business on a working day and will arrive in the morning of the next working day.

The only exception is the Avoid Reserve Fee Alert, which will be sent immediately when your balance enters your Personal Reserve, to give you time to take action and avoid further fees.

Certain Text Alerts are also available for Barclay Business accounts.


The Barclays Text Alert service has security built in.

We've developed a number of security precautions to protect your accounts. We'll confirm your identity before you set up your alerts, and always use a secure service to send Text Alerts. We will never send any personal information via text.

Text Alerts will not include your account details. We will ask you to set a short code name to identify each account when you set up your alerts.

However, we do recommend you use a PIN code on your phone to keep your information secure after it reaches you.

How to register

To register, you need a Barclays current account and a mobile phone with a UK network operator. We can’t send texts to landlines or Skype numbers.

If you’re registered for Online Banking, you can set up Text Alerts online. Log in, select ‘Manage Text Alerts’ and follow the instructions. Once registered, your service will be active within 48 hours.

You can also set up Text Alerts in your branch.

If you’re not registered for Online Banking, you can sign up here

Terms & conditions

Manage alerts

You can change, temporarily suspend or cancel your alerts at any time.

In Online Banking, go to 'Manage Text Alerts' under 'Account services' in the top blue navigation bar.

You will be able to:

  • Review selection – you can add or remove Text Alerts at any time
  • Review the thresholds and limits you have selected
  • Suspend alerts – this may be useful if you are travelling abroad, for example, if your network provider does not offer free texts overseas
  • Cancel the service

Alternatively, you can manage your Text Alerts in branch or over the phone.


Can I cancel or change Text Alerts at any time?

Can I change my Text Alerts or the levels I have set?

When are Personal Text Alerts sent?

I have 2 mobiles – can I register them both for Text Alerts?

What should I do if I don’t receive my Text Alert messages?

What if I receive Text Alerts for someone else?

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