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Family Springboard Mortgage

Let your family help you get on or move up the property ladder without having to spend their savings.

Buy your home with a deposit of just 5%

Our Family Springboard Mortgage lets your family give you some help – and get their money back with interest if you keep up your repayments.

  • Available to first-time buyers and movers
  • Pay a fixed rate for 3 years
  • Not available for NewBuy properties

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

How it works

Get the property you want with a little help from your family – and a deposit of just 5%. 

For the property buyer

  • Apply for a Family Springboard Mortgage of up to £500,000 on a property in the UK, with a 5% deposit
  • Pay a fixed rate of interest for 3 years – when that ends we’ll move you to a LifeTime Tracker Mortgage
  • You retain full rights over the property – your helper isn’t a guarantor

For the helper

  • They open a Helpful Start Account with 10% of your purchase price at the same time you apply
  • They get their savings back after 3 years with interest, as long as you keep up the repayments
  • If you miss repayments, we may retain their money for a further period

Current rates for the Family Springboard Mortgage

Early repayment charges apply during the 3-year fixed-rate period.

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Initial interest rate

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Overall cost for comparison

Loan to value

Mortgage fee

Early repayment charge

Tariff of charges (PDF) 770 KB

Save a copy of our tariff of charges. Alternatively, you can get these in Braille, large print or audio tape/CD by calling 0800 400 100 (via Text Direct if appropriate). Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.

Legal information

What you need to apply

  • Information about the property – where it is and how much it’s worth and the contact details of any estate agents and solicitors you’re using
  • Details of your income and outgoings, including any money you owe in loans, credit cards and overdrafts
  • If you don’t bank with us, you’ll need to bring 2 forms of original ID (not photocopies)


You should also read the following documents*.

Guide to the Family Springboard Mortgage 750 KB

Helpful Start account terms 640 KB

Combined mortgage tariff 770 KB


Independent legal advice – understanding the benefits and risks

Before we agree to lend you money under the Family Springboard Mortgage, you’ll need to give us the contact details of the solicitor who is giving you advice about taking out a Family Springboard mortgage. This can’t be the same solicitor who is handling the purchase of the property, but it can be someone from the same company. You’ll need to pay their fees.
Getting independent legal advice is important, and your solicitor will explain the implications and risks associated with taking a Helpful Start Account as part of the Family Springboard Mortgage. 
Two important issues they’ll explain fully to you concern what happens if the property buyer can no longer make their mortgage repayments. If that happens, we’ll keep the money the helper deposits in the Helpful Start Account. 
And if we need to repossess the property, the helper could lose money if there’s a shortfall between the money we’re owed and the amount we sell the property for. 

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