How do I make overpayments on my mortgage?

If you’re registered for Online Banking, log in and select ‘View information’ beneath your mortgage on the Online Banking homepage. To the right of your mortgage summary, you’ll find links labelled ‘Set up an overpayment’ and ‘Set up a regular overpayment’.

Select either and we’ll explain how overpayments work. Just choose the account you wish to pay from for a single overpayment, or amend your Direct Debit for regular payments. Then choose your overpayment amount and how long you want to make regular overpayments for.

The starting date for regular overpayments will depend on when you make the request, because we need 14 days before your next mortgage payment is due to make the change. We’ll tell you when your regular overpayments will start during the process and send you a letter to confirm all details of the change you’ve made.

Register for Online Banking.

Alternatively, you can visit a branch or call us on 0333 202 7580  to set up single or regular overpayments.