Barclays Mobile Banking app

Manage your money where and when it suits you

Check your balance, send money and earn rewards on your mobile phone with the Barclays Mobile Banking app1.

Pay people and check your balance

Change your cash machine limit, view your PIN and freeze your card

Earn cashback and rewards, and see them tally up

Why is our app for you?

Can’t find your card?

Freeze your card for a little while and you might not have to cancel it if it turns up later. Just tap ‘More’ at the bottom of your app, then ‘Your cards’.

Plan for the future

Use your app’s calendar to see when your bills and regular payments are due. Just tap ‘Manage payments’, and select ‘Calendar’.

Add current accounts from other banks

You can now choose to see current account balances and transactions from other banks2 in your Barclays app3.

About adding accounts >

Richer transactions

Get much more insight on your transactions – see where and when you’ve been spending your money.

Get the app

Tap the logo you need, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store2.




On a computer?

If you’re on a computer, desktop or laptop right now, we can text you a direct link to download the app. Just enter your UK mobile number in this box and click ‘Get link’.



Thank you for choosing the Barclays Mobile Banking App. We will send a link shortly.

After you've downloaded it

Follow the instructions you see on your device screen or, if you need a bit more help, go to ‘Activate your app’ and follow the steps to get started.

Protecting you and your money

Our app has been recognised for quality and security

Feel safe when you bank online, on your mobile and with Pingit – we’ve been awarded the Kitemark award for all three.

We’re using top industry standards

Know you’re using the best when you bank online, on your mobile and with Pingit – we’ve been recognised by ISO for all three.

Our security practices are excellent

Feel reassured when you bank with us – we’re certified by the government programme Cyber Essentials. This means we’re able to defend against common cyber threats.

We’re working hard to protect your money

Feel safe when you bank online and on your mobile. As long as you manage your account properly, our guarantee protects you and your money from fraud. Terms and conditions apply.