Debit cards

Everyday payments made easy

Get total control of your current account with a Barclays debit card.

  • Simple, quick and secure payments
  • Pay with your phone using Apple Pay or Contactless Mobile
  • Verified by Visa gives you even greater security when shopping online

Using your debit card

Make quick and easy payments with your Barclays debit card wherever you see the Visa sign

  • Shopping when you're out

  • Shopping online

  • Withdrawing cash

  • Shopping when you're abroad

  • Withdrawing cash abroad

Bring your debit card to life

Want to add a little of your personality to your card?

Make your debit card a little more you

Personalise your debit card with your favourite photo, or choose one from our gallery.

Debit card FAQs

Helpful information about your Barclays debit card.

Broken or damaged cards

If your card’s suffering from wear and tear, here’s some info that may help.

Blocked card

There’re several reasons your card may be blocked, find out why.


If you need to change your 4–digit code, here’s what to do.