A Barclays Visa Debit card being inserted into a card reader at a restaurant

Debit cards

Make payments where and when you want

Use contactless for convenience and the Barclays app to securely control how your card is used.

What is a debit card?

A debit card lets you spend and withdraw money straight from your current account. You can use it to pay in shops and online. You’ll normally need to enter a PIN to authorise payments, but many cards now let you make contactless payments of up to £100 in shops that offer this payment method. 

What’s the difference between debit and credit cards?

A debit card lets you spend the money that’s available in your account. It helps you stay in control because your account balance is updated almost instantly with every payment you make. A credit card lets you borrow money to spend, up to an agreed limit, and pay it back later. You can either pay back the whole amount you’ve borrowed at the end of the month, or repay the money over a longer time by making a minimum payment each month. Credit cards also give you protection for goods or services that cost between £100 and £30,000.

 A woman working in a café holds a bank card as she speaks to a customer

Managing your debit card

Control your card on the go

Find out how to set limits for various payment types, and view your PIN. You can also temporarily freeze a mislaid card, or report it lost or stolen.

Debit card FAQs

Quick answers to the most common debit card questions.

Damaged, lost or stolen cards

How to report your card damaged, lost or stolen – or freeze it if you’re just not sure where it is.

View card details

Need your card details but don’t have your card handy? You can see them securely in the app.

Bring your debit card to life

Want to add a little of your personality to your card?

Make your debit card a little more you

Personalise your debit card for free with your favourite photo, or choose one from our gallery.

Using your debit card

You can pay for goods and services with your Barclays debit card wherever you see the Visa sign – online, in-store and over the phone.