Managing money problems

Worried about your finances? Our practical advice can help you tackle money troubles, improve your financial habits and find the support you need.

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Things can often get back to normal, but if you don’t act as soon as you know there’s a real problem, your debts could get worse. We’re here to help you find the right solution to your financial difficulties.

Living with less income

Keeping on top of your money when there's less of it

Life can sometimes throw unpleasant surprises at you, and one that can be particularly worrying is when your income goes down unexpectedly.

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How to balance illness and debt

Your finances are important – your health is too

Being diagnosed with an illness affected many areas of Anna’s life, especially her finances – with all of this, she started to miss payments.

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Managing your money

Getting your budget back on track

Dev was having trouble controlling his finances and was often relying on an overdraft to cover expenses.

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Debt and mental health

Keeping your spending and mental health in check

Mental health and money management can be linked. Sarah’s mental health led to her spending more than she could afford, which added to her anxiety.


Losing your job

How to plan your next steps

If you’ve been made redundant, had to take early retirement or your contract hasn’t been renewed, we’ve got some tips to help you.

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Barclays Money Mentors

Ready to take control of your money?

We all need a little help with our finances at times, so why not book a Barclays Money Mentors session today? You can get some guidance on how you can make your money work for you. 

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Spending sensibly

Worried about the way you spend your money? Here are some tips to help you stop splurging.

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Changing your relationship with gambling

What to do if you’re worried about how much you gamble

When gambling starts to become a problem, it can affect every area of your life. Nigel found himself gradually placing more and more bets and it started to affect his family’s finances.

Extra help and advice

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The Money Advice Service

Get free, impartial information and tools on how to manage your money.

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Get expert advice and fee-free debt management, so you can tackle your debts.

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