Supporting the needs of all our customers

If you have a current account with us, this table shows the key ways of supporting you when you need us.

How we can help you if you are experiencing money worries

Dealing with the unexpected

  • Our online money worries tool uses situations people often face to show how we can support you if you have unexpected financial problems
  • If you’re worried that you might miss a payment, but haven’t yet, you can contact our dedicated support team who can talk you through your options
  • We have specially trained people to help you if you’re particularly anxious when you fall behind with payments
  • Coping with money worries
  • If you’re worried about your finances, call 0345 600 4545. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 9pm
  • If you’ve missed a payment and would like to talk to someone, call us on1 0345 734 5345. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 7am to 11pm

Additional help and support

  • We’ve got lots of online tips and tools that can help you avoid fraud and scams. You can also get information about this in our branches. You can contact us for help at any time
  • We can refer you to free, independent debt advice, including Step Change Debt Charity. Our branches can also refer you to credit unions and Citizens’ Advice
  • We also have information about how to manage debt in ways that suit your circumstances
How we can help you deal with a major life event

Contacting us

  • If you’d prefer not to talk to someone face to face or on the phone, you can message us in our app or when you're logged into Online Banking – it’s secure, and our digital assistant is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • If you have the app, you can get in touch in a few ways. Use ‘Call us’ to speak to someone from our team or send us a message from the ‘Contact us’ section – it’s secure, and our digital assistant is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your smartphone offers it, you can use Touch ID or Face ID to log into your app securely.

Specialist support

  • Our website ‘Your finances and mental wellbeing’ offers practical guidance on how to spot signs of mental health difficulties, how to keep on top of your finances and where to go for more support
  • We offer services to reflect the fact that people learn and understand information in different ways


  • Our online bereavement guide provides straightforward advice on what to do when someone who has accounts with us dies – both for their Barclays accounts and any other important steps to take and the support that’s available
  • When someone dies, we freeze their sole accounts, cancel their Direct Debits and standing orders, and amend any joint accounts so that they’re just in the name of the other account holder. We can allow the remaining credit balance of an account to be used to pay funeral bills or inheritance tax
  • We’re a member of the Death Notification Service, which notifies us (and any other banks who are part of the scheme) when someone dies, making things easier for next of kin

Other Life Events

  • Our ‘Later Life’ website offers customers, their partners and their families a range of guides and services to help them prepare for retirement and make the most of it
  • If your income has gone down, perhaps because of redundancy or illness, our website explains how we can help and where you can find more information and support
How we can help you manage your day-to-day money better

Helping you understand your money

  • Our money management website offers you tips, guidance and tools to help you find new ways of staying in control of your money
  • You can check your balance and transactions whenever you need to through Online Banking and our app, and so you know how much money you’ve got left to spend
  • The people who work in our branches reflect their communities, including the languages spoken locally. They can discuss your finances, help you to understand your situation and bank more easily

Helping you develop your financial skills

  • You can set alerts on your phone and online account to help you keep track of your money – for example, low balance alerts, large transaction messages, reminders that payments are due, and balance updates
  • Digital Eagles in branches and in your community help you get more digitally savvy, teaching you how to manage money and how to bank online. We offer online information and practical learning activities as part of Barclays Digital Wings
  • Get impartial help and guidance from Barclays Money Mentors®. You can ask them about a range of topics to do with your finances – from the basics of budgeting to buying a home. 
Support you may find useful if you have a disability or a physical or mental health condition

Accessing cash

  • You can use your contactless debit card or Android smartphone and debit card PIN to withdraw cash securely at a Barclays cash machine that’s set up for this. To do this, your Android smartphone needs be registered with our app
  • You can order a high-contrast, tactile debit card that helps you identify, read and position your card correctly in any cash machine. We offer 12 colour designs, each with a notch on one edge and an optional bright stripe and arrow
  • Our audio cash machines help you withdraw cash and use other services, such as getting a balance, topping up a mobile phone or ordering statements, safely and independently
  • You can plug headphones into our cash machines to hear spoken instructions

Using your account

  • Our app and Online Banking service are fully accessible. You can change the size of the text, adjust the colour contrasts on-screen and use Voiceover technology. They meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and have been independently accredited by AbilityNet
  • If it’s more convenient, you can pay cash and cheques into your personal current account, and withdraw cash using your debit card and PIN, at your local Post Office

Accessing information

  • We can send anything we normally send you by post in a format that suits you, like Braille, large print or audio
  • Our ‘Banking Made Clearer’ brochure has been written in partnership with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. It uses clear language and illustrations to explain how you can carry out your everyday banking. Ask for a copy in a branch, download it from our website, or call us and ask for it

Ways to interact with us

  • If you have our app, you can contact a Barclays adviser in a variety of ways, simply and securely. Our Call Us service puts you straight through to someone, or you can use our instant messaging Live Chat service. If your smartphone offers it, you can use Touch ID or Face ID to log into your app securely so you don’t have to go through any other verification 
  • If you use British Sign Language (BSL), you can talk to a colleague in a branch or by phone, straight away, using our SignVideo service. It securely connects to a BSL interpreter who can translate the sign language to one of our colleagues
  • If you find it difficult to remember password information, we can confirm your identity using voice recognition technology when you call us, so you don’t have to go through security questions

Allowing someone else to help you use your account

  • We can help you add someone you trust to manage your accounts, even if you only need this for a short time. There’s no need to register this with an authority – you can choose what the other person can do on your behalf, and cancel this at any time. If you’d like something more formal, Power of Attorney lets you plan ahead for the future, and get longer-term help to manage your account
  • If you’ve been appointed to help someone else manage their account, perhaps through a Court of Protection or Appointeeship, you can find out more about having access to someone else’s account by looking at ‘Third-party account access’ on our website, which tells you more about what you need to know and do

You can also see information on the services we provide for all current account holders and how customers have rated our services.