Keep track of your cash with alerts

Stay on top of your money – alerts are a great way to keep on top of your personal and business finances.

Your alerts, your way

We’ve created a range of alerts to help you stay on top of your money. You can see your balance, borrowing and spending, all at a glance.

How alerts can help you

  • See when you’ve been paid or when a large payment has gone through
  • Stay on top of your arranged overdraft to reduce or avoid interest charges
  • Keep track of your money to protect yourself from fraud
  • Get weekly updates straight to your phone

Tailor your alerts to suit you

You’re in control – tell us what you want to know about your money by choosing the alerts that are important to you.

You can register, change, suspend and opt out of our alerts in Online Banking, in Telephone Banking or in branch.

We’re required by regulation to automatically register most personal current account customers for alerts regarding an arranged overdraft, unarranged borrowing (when you go beyond your limit) and returned payments.

You’ll only be able to receive alerts if you’ve provided us with your current mobile number. You can opt out, if you want to.

You might get other alerts from us, from time to time, as part of our efforts to improve your banking experience.


You’ll get alerts by text message, as standard. If you have our app, you can get your alerts delivered conveniently and securely as notifications from the app (where available).

Already have the app?

You can turn on push notifications – log in, go to ‘More’, tap ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Enable push notifications’.

Don’t have it?

Get the Barclays app to get alerts delivered more conveniently and securely.

Your information

Your alerts hold information personal to you and your account, so it’s important they’re kept safe and secure.

To keep your alerts information secure, we’ll

  • Verify your identity when receiving your instructions for changes to your alert preferences
  • Never send information in an alert that could be used to commit fraud on your account
  • Never send you an alert asking for your account or security information

To help keep your account secure, we recommend you

  • Stay vigilant for text messages from fraudsters, which claim to be from Barclays
  • Make sure the mobile phone number we have for you is up to date
  • Use passcode or fingerprint security on your phone to protect your alert information
  • Choose a short name for your accounts, so you can identify them easily
  • Set up your alerts as notifications from our app, if you have it, to reduce your risk of smishing.

For more advice on protecting yourself from Fraud, visit our security page.

How to register

To register in Online Banking, log in, select ‘My profile’ in the panel below your name and choose ‘Notification preferences’.

You can also register by speaking to us in branch or using Telephone Banking (if you’re registered).

What else can your app do?

The Barclays app1 is here to help you manage your money on the go – safely and securely. But there’s much more to it than that.