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Current accounts

Meet your new account

Make money work for you by opening an account in a few simple steps. If the account’s just for you and you’re over 18, you can use our app1.

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What is a current account?

With a current account you can receive money and make payments safely. You can have your income paid into the account, and then set up regular payments for your bills. Most current accounts enable you to pay for things in shops or online using a debit card, and some let you make contactless payments.

Different types of current accounts

 Most banks offer current accounts with features designed to meet specific needs. As well as a standard current account, many offer accounts for students, children, businesses and people with higher incomes. Some also offer accounts for people who regularly make and receive payments in foreign currencies.


Everyday banking

Barclays Bank Account

Flexible, rewarding banking

Apply for a bank account that lets you earn rewards2 for banking with us and use our app1 to help keep your money under control.

Barclays basic bank account

Simple banking

If you don’t qualify for a regular current account, don’t yet have a UK account, or you’re experiencing financial difficulty, this could be the right account for you.

Student and graduate accounts

Accounts designed to fit your needs – before and after graduation.

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Student Additions Account

Get a student account that helps you budget for life at university. Apply in minutes with the award-winning Barclays app1

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Higher Education Account

Helping graduates with life after uni

Whether you’re looking to start your first job, or travel the world, this account is available for three years after you graduate – which is the perfect next step after you’ve completed your studies.


Accounts for young people

Accounts with tools and features to help you start to manage your money your way.

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Children’s Bank Account – BarclayPlus

Just right if you’re 11 to 15 years old

It’s easy to look after your money with our simple, secure bank account with no monthly fees.

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Young Person's Account

Make the most of your money if you’re 16 or 17 years old

Take control of your money with our simple, secure bank account with no monthly fees.

Currency accounts

Sending or receiving foreign currency regularly? These accounts could make your banking easier.

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Foreign currency accounts

Bank in the currency of your choice

Make and receive foreign payments with our foreign currency accounts.

Download the Barclays app to open a current account

Tap the logo you need, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store3.